Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why Dissertation Dilemmas are the Best

In retrospect, a messy dissertation process has been a blessing. The ups and downs and workarounds prepare you for the realities of academic research and the race to publish.

During my childhood, my Mom would say during times of distress, "it will make you a better person."At the time of my dissertation, it seemed that a hurdle await at every turn. If Mom's saying proved correct, I would be the best person, ever.

It's taken more than six years to come to this realization, but I am thankful. I find that most projects have some kind of setbacks and the storm before the calm — that moment where the thought of abandoning the project is appealing. If you can make it through the cloudy chaos, which for me normally means parking myself in a chair and setting a timer for a required work period, you will see progress.

So, if you're doing the dissertation dance, jump the hoops, leap over the hurdles and keep pressing. The battle scars will help you in the research part of your future faculty positions.